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Mandiant is committed to not only making the world a better and more secure place, but also to giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play.

Our Vision

With our relentless focus on knowing more about new and novel threats than any other company, Mandiant gives back in ways that help keep us all secure. Whether it be volunteering our expertise to NGOs, notifying noncustomers that they’ve been compromised, raising funds for causes that are close to us or providing education opportunities to underserved communities, we give back to assist the global community. 


Education grants awarded in 2021


Victim notifications performed in 2021


Free Cyber Defense Training Courses

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Educational Outreach

Mandiant invests in current and future cyber defenders through education grants, scholarships and free cyber defense training. Through these programs, Mandiant works to increase diversity in the cyber security industry, create opportunities for underserved communities and increase cyber security awareness globally.

Free Cyber Defense Training

Mandiant offers free online Cyber Defense courses to increase knowledge of cyber security around the world. The courses cover the 6 critical functions of cyber defense and the associated capabilities.

Mandiant Academy Grant Program

Starting in 2022, Mandiant will provide opportunities to selected non-profit organizations to provide On-Demand Intelligence Training. The selected organizations can then empower their members across various job roles and skill levels with threat intelligence knowledge they can apply immediately or use to advance their careers.

Cyber Defense Scholarships

Mandiant has pledged to partner with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) studying cyber security or related fields.

"We’re thrilled to provide a subset of our members this robust program and access to in-depth training from the cyber security experts fighting sophisticated attackers every day."
Tom Marsland Headshot

Tom Marsland

Board Chairman at VetSec, Inc.

Victim Notification

When evidence that an unrelated organization has been compromised comes up during threat intelligence, incident response or managed defense activities, Mandiant often notifies the victim of the breach. No matter the organization’s size or whether they’re already a customer, when the intelligence is deemed to be accurate, timely, relevant, and impactful, Mandiant reaches out directly to notify organizations of the evidence gathered. 

“It is comforting to know that Mandiant takes a whole picture view of threat warning and will notify organizations that are not your direct customers.” CISO, Educational Institution 

Charitable Giving

Employees provide positive impact to their local communities through donations, fundraising and volunteer activities. Mandiant also donates to Doctors Without Borders on an employee’s 1-year work anniversary, as well as throughout the year.  

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