Mandiant Academy™

Education Formats

Mandiant Academy has a variety of instructional formats to suit your organization's specific needs and budget to accommodate the unique preferences of both individual security professionals and security teams.


Mandiant Academy is your one-stop that offers a broad choice of flexible education course formats tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and teams. Whether you are fully remote, on-site, or a hybrid of the two, we provide instructor-led, web-based, on-demand and hands-on experiential learning.

Mandiant Academy offers over 30 unique private and public training courses, along with custom-designed programs, to accommodate learning paths for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Topics include, but are not limited to, incident response, incident preparedness, malware analysis, cyber security fundamentals, intelligence and attribution, advanced acquisition and testing techniques, and cyber threat intelligence operations.

Private Courses

Instructor-led courses delivered on-premise or remotely to one dedicated organization.

  • Onsite or remote delivery (course-dependent)
  • Supports up to 20 students within one organization
  • Nearly 30 courses to choose from (see course catalogue)
  • Designed and delivered by frontline incident response experts
  • Fixed fee

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Public Courses

Instructor-led courses delivered remotely to individual security practitioners or small groups from various organizations.

  • Remote delivery for your convenience
  • Regional-specific schedules across various time zones
  • Offered on a quarterly basis
  • Designed and delivered by frontline incident response experts
  • Per seat purchase

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On-Demand Courses

Interactive, self-paced cyber threat intelligence training for individual security practitioners from the comfort of your home--powered by EmergingEd.

  • Available online at any time
  • Instructional videos and interactive assessments delivered by frontline threat intelligence experts
  • Content focused on application of threat intelligence across real-world use cases
  • Course topics include cyber intelligence foundations, intelligence research and intelligence scoping

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Custom Courses

Instructor-led, tailored course content created and delivered on-premise or remotely to one dedicated organization.

  • Instructor-led, tailored course content
  • Created and delivered on-premise or remote 
  • Dedicated to one organization

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ThreatSpace™ Cyber Range

A three-day simulation training program that emulates real-world attacker behaviors. Various training tiers are offered to meet specific organizational needs.

  • Hands-on experience with real-world simulated attacks
  • Investigation across all phases of the attack lifecycle
  • Frontline feedback and coaching provided throughout the engagement
  • Readout on team strengths, knowledge gaps and recommendations for actionable improvement
  • Customized scenario development available

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Scenario Development

Custom-designed attack scenarios and artifacts provided to client for internal delivery.

  • Custom-designed attack scenarios for specific organizational needs
  • Provided to client for in-house delivery

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End-User Cyber Awareness

Off-the-shelf courses that fulfill enterprise-wide security training needs across all functions of an organization.

  • Off-the-shelf courses
  • Fulfills enterprise-wide training needs
  • Suited to all functions of an organization

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